Fuior - Authentic Gourmet Cuisine

It is said that, to truly understand a person, you would have to eat a pound of salt together. Probably the same could be said about nations, countries and regions. Although, it needs to be said, that salt should be moderately used and distributed into the varieties of dishes prepared by people and their guests for hundreds of years in these regions.

That’s the theme of our new restaurant Fuior which serves as a visit card of historical Bessarabia and modern Moldova.

We are serving a modern version of traditional dishes. Local craftsman created with inspiration a beautiful and comfortable interior from local materials. Our chefs are creating from local produce with the same inspiration traditional dishes spiced with the spirit of the modern. Our wine list represents the country and it’s regions better than any geographical map. If you are a visitor in Moldova our restaurant will convince you to return more often. If you are a local, visiting our restaurant you will understand how special is your country and how much more can be explored. 

If you’re reading this and think we are exaggerating, please come to our restaurant Fuior and check it out.